The Story of Jewerest

“Jewerest“ takes inspiration from the summit of the Everest mountain, famous for its unsurpassed beauty and nature. In our products, we try to convey the sophistication of modern fashion along with unparalleled beauty. “Jewerest” aims to deliver jewelry which earns praise and turns heads, creating products that are considered the pinnacle of elegance and charm. In 2001, “Huseynov Diam L.L.C” was founded by Rasim Huseynov. “Huseynov Diam” was initially engaged in the importing and exporting of diamonds in the UAE. Later on, we decided to take a step into the world of jewelry. Today, “Huseynov Diam’s” products are used by customers ranging from Asia to Europe and America and even Oceania. Our main goal is to display beauty and maintain a high quality during the manufacturing of each product. Thanks to the diligence and unity in our team, we have successfully achieved the production of jewelry at the most elite level of the world. Today, “Jewerest” has branches in the U.A.E, Russia and Turkey. Our aim is to expand our store chains around the globe and open extraordinary boutiques in every major city. Our CEO, Rasim Huseynov is also the president of Huseynov Diam L.L.C, Al Buta Jewelry and partner of The Sina Diamond group. Quality Gold: 18 karat gold is used in our jewelry. Round diamonds: with micro setting;G-H color: VS-SI (slightly included) Fancy Diamonds - ,pear, marquise, oval, princess and baguette etc. Fcolor VS2 (very slightly included) Quality - precious and semi-precious stones of rich color and high quality. 3) Collection ``Jewerest`` produces winter and summer collections, carefully studying the demand for world fashion and the trend of current art. In addition to the women's collection, men's and children's collections are also produced twice a year.